Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well, travel week is over and I'm back at the base. On Friday, I move in with my new host family and start working at Mata Gorda in the school there. I spent the last few days at a resort somewhere in the DR, I don't even know where. But we were really near the water. On Monday, we hiked for a couple of hours through the jungle, got picked up by a boat and taken to a really cool Taino cave, and then to a little bay/beach area where the people from the resort had a barbecue lunch waiting for us. We spent the afternoon playing in the water. Yesterday, we took a boat to Samana Bay and did a little bit of shopping before heading to a private island where we spent the day playing sand volleyball and swimming in the beautiful water. Tonight and tomorrow I'll be at the base in Jarabacoa, and then sometime on Friday I'll be moving in with my host family in Mata Gorda.

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