Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have my first interview tomorrow morning! Somehow, I've arrived at the stage in life where I need to begin looking for a real job. To help prepare me, and all of the other Bethel seniors getting ready to embark on the interviewing process, Bethel has been sending me emails about what to do and not do in an interview. Well, the one thing they stress is the importance of first impressions. Naturally, one's outfit comes to mind. I decided to invest in a new top for this interview (and any others that may be coming along). My original plan was to go to Target and get this really cute top I had found online, but as things usually go, the Target I went to didn't have it. I was kind of bummed, but decided to try Marshall's. I found several blouses that I only kind of liked before coming upon this top.

I don't really wear peach that often, but I liked that this was springy, yet classy. I also knew I could pair it with a jacket I already had but don't wear too often because of a lack of shirts to wear underneath it.

One specific thing that the interview material Bethel sent me highlighted was the fact that your shoes matter. And potential employers notice if your shoes have been shined or not. So I thought, "Why not!?" and decided to try my hand at shoe shining. My Aunt Lucy happened to still have some old black shoe wax, polishing cloth, and buffer brush which she let me borrow. I was pretty excited to realize that I knew what the kiwi bird on the wax tin was too.

I think I did a fairly good job, considering this was the first time I had ever shined my shoes. Maybe I can make a summer job out of it!

broken record

In other news, the song Grace Kelly has been stuck in my head for about 24 hours. It all started last night when Peter and I were listening to a conglomeration of songs in our attempt to pick songs for our wedding. This one popped up (not as a choice, but more as a relief for our ears and brains). Peter also found the sheet music so I could learn how to play it, which I mostly successfully did this morning. However, I can't seem to get the song out of my head!

Crayola makes my day

The other day, I unexpectedly received a tax refund check in the mail. Unexpected because my mom filed my taxes for me, so they weren't even close to being on my mind. Well, I was pretty happy to have a little extra money on hand. Today, I spent every last cent of my check. On crayons. I bought a box of 800 Crayola's that were on clearance at the teacher store.

I think they were discounted because the crayons were all mixed up when I got them. My organized little brain had quite the thrill putting the different colors back into their correct places. There is just something about colors neatly contained that makes me really happy.

I did have an excellent reason for buying so many crayons. For our wedding reception, I'm making activity books for the guests who are children (or children at heart). To accompany the books, I decided to create bundles of crayons. Hence the 800 crayons I bought today. After about 45 minutes of work ...

If I was a kid coming to my wedding, I would be super excited. So hopefully the actual kids who are coming will be too. My next endeavor is to put the activity books together.