Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crayola makes my day

The other day, I unexpectedly received a tax refund check in the mail. Unexpected because my mom filed my taxes for me, so they weren't even close to being on my mind. Well, I was pretty happy to have a little extra money on hand. Today, I spent every last cent of my check. On crayons. I bought a box of 800 Crayola's that were on clearance at the teacher store.

I think they were discounted because the crayons were all mixed up when I got them. My organized little brain had quite the thrill putting the different colors back into their correct places. There is just something about colors neatly contained that makes me really happy.

I did have an excellent reason for buying so many crayons. For our wedding reception, I'm making activity books for the guests who are children (or children at heart). To accompany the books, I decided to create bundles of crayons. Hence the 800 crayons I bought today. After about 45 minutes of work ...

If I was a kid coming to my wedding, I would be super excited. So hopefully the actual kids who are coming will be too. My next endeavor is to put the activity books together.

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Peter said...

I'm glad you found crayola. Rose Art is just no good.