Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Week

This week has been completely different than last week. A large contributor was a change in my attitude toward life in general. Over the weekend, I realized that most of the time, I'm concerned with doing things my way and having things be just so. In other words, I'm a perfectionist. Anyone who has entered an elementary classroom knows that this mode of thinking clashes severely with the reality of the classroom. Naturally, this caused a lot of inner turmoil for me. Back to the weekend. Prompted partially by the reading of "Me, Myself, and Bob," by Phil Vischer, I decided to let go of myself and all my desires, hopes, and plans for the day and instead focus on living in the center of God's will each day. That mental decision made all the difference this week! I've had fun. I've been much more relaxed and flexible. I'm suddenly not concerned with the amount that I'm teaching, but rather the impact I'm having on my students.

Monday was Valentine's Day, so my teacher and I decided to make everything center around Valentine's Day, ending the day with a party. I have never seen so much candy and sugar in my entire life. The Friday before, I had sent a newsletter home with my students, mentioning the party and that each student should bring something to share. They definitely took my request seriously! All I can say is that I'm glad we had the party at the end of the day, right before all the kids went home.

On Wednesday of this week, a new girl joined our class. She's a sweetie. Thursday was the last day for another girl who is moving to a different district. Things are always changing and that's ok.

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dr3am3r said...

i love this. you have so many "children" now. :)