Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm now living with my new family in Mata Gorda. I have three little brothers, Junior (11), Jansys (9) and Jeremy (8). All three of them are very cute and love to spend time with the two of us girls. When we go out on walks together, they tell their mom they'll protect her daughters. They love to pick flowers for us and play games with us (Uno is a new favorite).

Our mom is crazy and always full of energy. Her husband works in the capital (about three hours away). He can't come home very often because it's really expensive. He came home yesterday just to meet us but probably won't be able to come back home until Christmas time. There are lots of neighborhood kids that would play with us every minute of every day if they could. I'm working in the youngest class in the preschool (ages 3-5). They are all really cute and fun, but very tiring. School goes from 9:30-2:30 MWR and 9:30-12:00 TF. We have a nap time on the longer days, which I'm very grateful for. A little girl and I share a blanket so I can rub her back until she falls asleep. The teacher I am helping is an American who is working through Students International. She's fun and easy to work with and I'm learning a lot. This is the first time I've ever worked with kids that young in an educational setting. We've also been having lots of potty accidents every day, which the teacher said isn't normal, so hopefully next week will be a little bit better.

Dennisse and I are still having trouble with low iron and lack of fiber in our diet. Dennisse ended up having to go to the doctor yesterday morning because of it. Our mom decided afterward that she was going to start buying us more fresh fruits and vegetables and wheat bread. We're both so thankful! This past week, we've been eating nothing but starch (bread for breakfast, rice for lunch, yuca for supper) and we were getting really, really exhausted because of it.

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