Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our excursion this Saturday was pretty interesting. We went tubing down the river, through rapids. I never want to do it again. It was fun for the first little while, but two hours of it was a little bit much. A lot of us girls couldn't stop ourselves once we got in the current ... thank goodness there are boys on this trip. The boys would go through ahead of us, and then stop and spread out across the river and catch any girls that came shooting towards them. Sometimes we got past them, but they somehow managed to catch us anyway.
Saturday night, Dennisse and I watched Amy and Darell while our parents went to a couples thing at church. A few neighbor kids came over. We played card games most of the evening. After the neighbor kids went home, Dennisse, Amy, Darell, and I cuddled up in bed and watched a Barbie movie (apparently those are the only DVD's in our house?). We were just drifting off to sleep when our parents came back.
We went to one of the rivers near our house Sunday afternoon and played in the water, tried to catch minnows, and made sandcastles. It was a nice study break.

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