Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're married! And have been for 44 days now. I just haven't gotten around to writing on here since before the last minute wedding preparations began. After a night in a beautiful B&B that Peter picked out for us, we spent several days in the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN for our honeymoon. Before the wedding, I had the greatest intentions of doing a good bit of hiking while we were in the mountains. In reality, we watched a lot of movies and spent a great deal of time relaxing in the air conditioning. We did venture out every so often to view the surrounding area, and did some mountain exploration in our car. I am proud to say that we did see a black bear. It showed up right under us when we were on the sky lift in Gatlinburg. At the top, we met a cute couple who were celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary by visiting their original honeymoon destination. They informed us that the town has changed quite a bit since their first visit. Now, it's extremely touristy. Then, you couldn't find a restaurant open after dinner time.

On our way back, we took the scenic route, stopping in Bowling Green, KY to visit the Corvette Museum. Even though I'm not a big car person, I have to say that it was pretty cool to read about the designers and see how much the car has changed. When Peter reads this, I know he's going to be thrilled by the above sentence.

Then we came home and real life began. I'm now working at the Early Childhood Development Center at Notre Dame and Saint Mary's. I spend the mornings teaching Spanish to 3-6 year olds at both ND and SM. In the afternoons, I'm usually in the 5/6 year old room at ND. However, I sometimes go on field trips with other classes or fill in for other teachers when they go on break. I'm really enjoying teaching Spanish to the little ones. It's a challenge each week coming up with something new and exciting, which I'm fully embracing. Along with the directors at ECDC, I decided to center my Spanish teaching on Eric Carle books. I basically pick a new book each week and choose a set of words to read in Spanish. I then create some kind of game or song that will aid in the comprehension of the vocabulary. It's really exciting when children are obviously absorbing the language, and are able to use parts of it freely in their conversations. One other plus to working at ND is that Peter and I get to carpool every day. Going to work every day with your best friend makes getting up easier in the morning.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided it was time to buy a new car to replace one/or both of ours. Peter did a lot of research and we finally decided on a 1999 Volvo v70. We sold the mini van to Peter's parents, but we're hanging on to my vehicle for the time being. This wagon has a turbo engine in it, which makes it awesome to drive. And that's coming from the girl who doesn't really like driving. Peter is standing over my shoulder and smiling right now.

Besides spending some time at the dunes and hanging out with family, Peter and I also completed a 1000 piece puzzle this past weekend. It was quite a bit of fun.

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Anonymous said...

It's great to have an update from you. Sounds like married life is treating you well. Finding your best friend and being able to spend your life with him is an amazing feeling. I feel that same way. We are blessed women.

ECDC sounds great! I'm so happy for you! I hope it continues to go well. I will look forward to continued updates from you.
♥ Brenda