Monday, May 2, 2011

new things

This has been such a busy and eventful weekend!

I had my interview Friday morning, which went really well. I was interviewed by the principal of Moran Elementary in Osceola, IN. I'm not really sure if he was interviewing people for openings at his school or just doing interviews for the Penn district in general. At any rate, the interview went well and I'm glad that I at least know what to expect from interviews now. He also gave me a teaching application which I will be filling out sometime in the next couple of days.

The Bethel Graduate dinner was Friday night. My Mom & Dad, Breagan & Abby, and Peter and I went together. It was fun to reminisce on the four years I've spent at Bethel with my fellow classmates. It was also just a nice time to hang out with part of my family and relax.

Saturday morning, around 8 a.m., Peter and I began packing up our stuff at Breagan's house. All of our shower gifts were there. I had some of my stuff stored in his basement. And of course Peter had his stuff there because that's where he's been living. And let's not forget the huge dresser and desk we had in his back room. Breagan and Abby were gracious enough to help us move our belongings into our apartment. I can not imagine trying to load and unload everything without their help. As it was, we spent the entire morning and part of the early afternoon hauling stuff to our apartment. Peter and I decided to try out the Sonic right beside us (woot!). We were in Peter's van and the back was completely empty. So, we decided to sit in the back while we ate so we could stretch our extremely tired legs. The people beside us gave us some weird looks, but that didn't deter us from having a wonderful Sonic picnic.

With renewed energy, we set out to unpack some of our many boxes. I had a wonderful time washing down the cabinets and figuring out with Peter where to put everything.

We took a break around 6 and headed over to Breagan & Abby's house for an end-of-the-school-year party. It was so wonderful to sit! After the party, we took one last load over the apartment. On our way, we had to stop at Meijer (also right beside us) to pick up a shower curtain. It's amazing the things you don't think about until you're on your own! It was about 1 in the morning before I was able to head back and crawl into my bed. The day was very exciting, but extremely exhausting as well.

Sunday was graduation day! Part of my family came in the morning for church. This was their first time in our new church building, which was pretty cool. Also, Peter was playing, which made it even cooler :) After church, we all had a wonderful meal of McDonald's cheeseburgers and fries and subsequently all got cheeseburger breathe. From there, the afternoon was a whirlwind. Picture with the Education graduates at 1:20. Graduation rehearsal at 1:30. Commencement at 2:30. Mingle with friends, family, and professors at 4. Fun party with family at 6.

After the party, Peter and I took a few more vital things, such as our microwave, to the apartment. We traveled separately so I could get back home. On his way, Peter stopped at Meijer to get a plunger (another necessity) and a cute apron I had seen a couple of days before. He gave it to me as a graduation gift when he got to the apartment. The apron of course :)

And now, the only big thing approaching is our wedding! 19 days!!

Of course, between now and then there are a million little things to do. Like apply for my teaching license. Apply for multiple teaching positions. Find a summer job. Finish all of the little wedding details. Figure out what things I'm leaving at the apartment and what I'm taking home. These next three weeks are going to be fun!


Susan said...

Caitlin, I enjoyed your post. It brought back some forgotten memories of when Keith and I got married. Thankfully, I was the only one who had to move and then it was only a mile away, so if I forgot something I just had to go visit my parents. One fun thing we did, instead of opening presents at the reception, we piled them up in an empty room and opened a few each week (or day depending on how much time we had).
I'm looking forward to getting a new "double" cousin in a few weeks!

Peter said...

I think you were confused on which gift was for graduation. The apron was for me. Every girl needs a good plunger in her life.

P.S. update this :P there's got to be SOMETHING worth writing about in the past couple months ;)