Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've spent the last weekish learning how to longboard. A longboard is similar to a skateboard with the two main differences (as far as I can tell anyway) being 1) the board is more flexible and 2) the wheels are softer, allowing for faster riding. Other differences include the trucks, the concavity of the board, and the style of riding. Anyway... thus far, I've learned to stand on the board in a few different ways, push while already moving, ride over speed-bumps, and travel down a few hills. It's a new, fun, and exciting way to travel! With one exception... the tired muscles that come as a result of boarding. After riding around for several hours yesterday afternoon/evening, I woke up this morning and found my first few steps to be quite laborious.

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Peter said...

almost! softer wheels will actually slow you down, but it's a tradeoff with having better traction. What allows you to coast longer, faster is the larger diameter of the wheels (which actually take more force to initially bring up to speed but carry that speed better once moving)

also, flexibility is usually specific to longboards, but longboards are not necessarily flexible. That is to say, flexibility is a sufficient but not necessary condition for longboard...ity.

but I'm still real proud of you :)