Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It’s hard to believe that I only have three more days working at the preschool and four more days with my family in Mata Gorda. I think the last seven weeks have gone by faster than the first five did. Not too much has happened since we went to Dajabón. This past Saturday, we watched a video about the Mirabal sisters. About sixty years ago, they helped bring down the dictatorship of Trujillo and ended up losing their lives for the cause. After watching the movie, we headed to a museum that was actually in the house they used to live in. Probably the coolest part of the experience was getting to meet the one living sister (she didn’t directly take part in the resistance movement).

I didn’t have school today because a funeral was taking place at the school. Yesterday morning, a man living in the next town over shot and killed his wife. She had three children with him, but they were somewhat separated because she was seeing another man. Yesterday morning, when she went to his house to get some of her things, he killed her. Her three children are usually in our town; when they were born, she didn’t register them with the government so they are basically nonexistent in the government’s eyes and aren’t allowed to go to school. When her mom, who lives just down the street from us, found out yesterday morning that her daughter had been killed, she fainted in front of her young children and grandchildren (there are six kids, children & grandchildren, between the ages of 2-12). The kids were naturally scared out of their minds and came running hysterically to the school. Four of them spent the day with us there. Towards the end of school, the YWAM people who had been living with our pastor for the week came and bathed the kids and found them clean clothes and shoes (these kids are always dirty and the youngest one usually runs around completely naked). The daughter and one of the sons of the woman who was killed spent the night with us. Our mom is thinking about adopting the girl, which would be really awesome. Prayers for this family would be greatly appreciated.

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