Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some pictures from the last two weeks

Still an hour from the top of Magote. It was a long and tough hike, but I think we all had lots of fun anyway. Plus, there were black raspberries near the top ... definitely worth the climb.

Lining up by the flagpole at the beginning of the day to sing the national anthem.

Singing during the morning devotional time.

We had a sleepover last Friday with our mom, one of her friends, a girl from church, and a YWAM girl we know. We did masks, played truth or dare, ate lots of good food that was really bad for us, and watched a movie before all piling into two beds for the night.

In the backseat of the van on our way to the baseball game. We call ourselves the munchkins because we are the four shortest people in the group, and we all happen to be close to the same size.

We went to a baseball game last weekend. Our team, the Aguilas (Eagles), was playing a the Indios from Puerto Rico. We won, 5-4, at the bottom of the last inning.

It's nice to have a roommate who wants to learn how to paint nails Dominican style :)

Yinelvy will wear a coat all day long unless someone takes it off of her, even though she sweats like crazy with it on. I think she just forgets she has it on.

Alexander is one of the older students in my class. He doesn't come every day, but when he does, he's always wearing is thick, brown, leather jacket, no matter how hot it is outside.

Yocaira, my nap buddy. She likes to make up her own stories to match the pictures in books.

Smil always has a smile on his face, even when he's embarrassed, which is all the time!

During breakfast time, Kyarolin peeled three oranges and didn't eat a single piece of any of them, even though she told me she was going to eat all of her food. She is one of my favorite kids at the school. Right now, we're trying to get her to spend more time with the other kids; if she had her way, she would sit in our laps all day. But, she recently discovered how much fun the sand box is, so we're making progress!

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