Monday, August 10, 2009

Dori was able to visit for a couple of days. We had so much fun! Saturday morning, we ran my mom's booth at the farmer's market. We sold out by 10:30! As we were pulling away, it started to rain. Great timing. We went antiquing in Grabill that afternoon. It's really cool to see what used to be normal. We tried on some cool hats that didn't quite fit our heads and sat in $75 chairs. As we were eating ice cream at the local ice cream place, we decided we would try our hands at homemade apple dumplings. After a little research online, we found a recipe that was somewhat to our liking. We ended up ditching the dumpling recipe for pie crust, which turned out very well. We also cut out some of the butter to make it a little healthier. They were a big hit! Dori and I plan to perfect our recipe during school this year - maybe add honey instead of sugar and use whole grain flour instead of unbleached. Who knows, maybe we'll even open a business ;) Dori brought her longboard, so we bombed some of the hills on my road Saturday night. We had been out riding for about an hour when I wiped out. I was going pretty fast, so I ended up losing quite a bit of skin. I also kind of ruined my jeans and shirt (maybe they'll just be my longboarding clothes from now on). But the pain was well worth the fun! We ended the night by watching "Father of the Bride." It was rather strange to fastforward instead of skipping scenes (it was on VHS).

We headed to church early Sunday morning because Ben and I were playing for church. Our piano duet offertory went well. We were even asked to play it again so the congregation could sing along with us. That was a little bit hard for Ben, so I ended up not really playing and just helping him keep on track with the singing and guitar playing. I showed Dori around my Grandma's place after church. We were so hot from our walk that we decided to just chill (literally) in the basement when we got back. After lunch, we sat around and read/took naps. I also cut Caleb's hair somewhere in there. The Junior Youth and MYF came over around 6:30 for swimming, hotdogs, and an outdoor movie. It was the first time I had ever experienced an outdoor movie. My mom hung a sheet from the monkey bars on our swingset and pulled it taught with clothesline wire and clothespins. The wind calmed down enough for the movie that the sheet really didn't move too much. It was so nice outside that Dori and I decided to sleep outdoors. We piled up a couple of blankets and made a little bed for ourselves out in the yard. It was nice to just lay there and talk and look at the stars. We were a little dewy this morning when we woke up, but the sun was shining so it wasn't too bad.

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