Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Late Night Excursion

Last night, Peter, Cassie (one of my roommates), and I took an exciting trip to Chicago at 11 p.m. Cassie's boyfriend flew into the Chicago Midway Airport and we went to pick him up. Originally, Cassie and I were the only ones planning to go. However, we got a lot of snow last night and neither of us felt comfortable enough driving through it, in the dark, to a place we had never been. Peter volunteered to drive us if he could find someone to fill in for him at the computer lab. After calling several people, he finally found someone who was willing to work till 2 a.m.
For a while, we didn't think Zion's plane would even come in because rumor had it that the Chicago airport was closed. But he called around 10 p.m. and said that he was just boarding his flight from Las Vegas to Chicago and his plane would arrive as scheduled. So, after loading some emergency supplies into the car and testing the car's abilities in the snow in the Steve & Barry's parking lot, we headed onto I-80/I-90W. It's ridiculous how much it costs to travel to Chicago via toll roads! The roads ended up not being bad after we got onto some main roads. We made it to the airport safely and without getting lost at all! It was pretty amazing, especially since I was giving directions! We only waited about forty minutes for Zion's plane to come in, and his luggage followed about fifteen minutes later.
As we were leaving the parking garage, we realized that none of us had printed directions off for the return trip home. Things would have been fine had we noticed the direction we were traveling. But, we didn't. We ended up traveling north for about half an hour before we realized where we were headed. We didn't really want to backtrack, so we used the GPS on Peter's phone to find the nearest ramp onto I-94. Turns out we weren't very far from it. The ride back seemed much longer than the one to Chicago. Probably because we were all so tired. Cassie and I ended up falling asleep for part of the trip. But our night owl boyfriends didn't seem to have any trouble staying awake and alert. I guess that's a good thing.
We pulled up to Peter's dorm a little after 5 a.m. By the time Cassie and I got into bed, it was 5:30. Peter, Cassie, and I only slept for about 5 hours. Cassie could have slept in, but she's crazy and likes to get up and run in the mornings. Peter had to give a campus tour at 11 a.m. and I had a final at noon, so both of us got up out of necessity. Zion, on the other hand, didn't get up till 4 p.m. But I guess he was the one who traveled all day; plus, he only got about an hour of sleep the night before.
Although I'm pretty tired, I'm happy to be done with all of my finals and another semester of college. This semester has gone by far faster than any of the others. It's a bit scary to realize just how quickly time does go by.

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